We get it, the concept of being "locked in" a room with a bunch of people may seem a bit daunting...


We'd love to ease your troubled mind. Check out this list of facts and general information about these fun-filled games, and check out our Q&A section just below for even more information.

When entering the room, we prefer that your personal belongings stay outside, for sake of being completely dependent on the clues to "free" you. With that being said, free lockers are provided for personal belongings such as bags, phones, wallets, etc.

You will have some paper work to fill out upon arrival before you will be allowed to play the game/s, so come a little early (about 15 minutes) so to sign your life away.

Like with any other escape room, a lot of details go into the production of these games, so the frequency in which they can be changed to other themes is limited. We understand that the experience is noteworthy, and also worthy of being talked about to your people, however, we kindly ask that the information regarding the rooms stay a secret. We would hate for you to spoil the fun for others when they come to enjoy the experience.


Please don't be late. We cannot allow you to join a game that is already in process, and we promptly start these games every hour. If tardiness does occur, unfortunately, your deposit is then forfeited - to teach a lesson, of course.


If you're afraid of the dark, or are even the slightest bit claustrophobic, keep those things in mind as you are deciding on which room is right for you. Some rooms are smaller than others, and some rooms are darker than others. Everything is determined on the topic of the room and ambiance we wish to achieve. 


Children are adorable. However, this particular experience is not for them. Some of our themes can be a bit scary for younger ones (murders and bombs exploding aren't the best topics of discussion for little ears to hear about). Therefore, we have an an age limit of 10 and up, and ask that anyone between the ages of 10-15 be accompanied by an adult.



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