• This room holds 2 - 6 people.
  • No one under 12 years is allowed in this room. 
  • The challenge requires being handcuffed.
  • This challenge requires being handcuffed.
  • There are some elements of gore.
  • There is some talk of violence.
  • The theme is meant to be creepy, but there are nolive actors in the room.

This is a 30 minutes escape room experience.

You start out blindfolded and chained to a wall...and that is all you get to know.

Do you have what it takes to escape?

Night Nurse

Travel back with us to 1950, and find the Sumter County Hospital in a state of panic. The morning nurse on the infant's ward has clocked in and found that three of the hospital's youngest patients are missing. The night nurse is also nowhere to be found. Your team of investigators has been called in to determine what is going on before hospital administration is forced to contact local authorities. The administrator has informed you that the missing nurse has been acting strange in recent days and, in an unrelated matter, the hospital's blood supply is mysteriously low.

If you can find the babies and put them back in their beds before sunup, this whole scandal can be avoided. Will you be able to return the babies and preserve the hospital's unstained reputation? You have exactly one hour to complete your task.

  • This room holds 2 - 6 people.
  • The challenge requires crawling for a short distance.
  • The theme is meant to be creepy, but there are no jump scares or live actors in the room.

The Invitation

You have been invited to an elegant dinner party at the mysterious Bell Mansion. You have always heard rumors about late night gatherings and parties inside Bell Mansion, but have never met anyone to ever claim they had actually been or even met a single member of the Bell family. Now, you are holding an invitation to a formal dinner. Come dressed, if you would like, and discover what secrets are waiting inside for you in this old house.

  • This room holds 4 - 10 people & is not recommended for groups smaller than 4 people.
  • This theme is based on testing phobias.
  • There are no jump scares or live actors in the room.



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